A short introduction

Well, here we are, first ever post on this blog. After three years well spent in London, I’m about to go back to my native Paris. I see this blog as a way to share all my discoveries, from both sides of the Channel : from the fine (and greatly overrated) French food to the immensely rewarding and comforting English dishes. So yes, cooking will definitely stand the major part on this blog.

But to me, cooking isn’t just about food. It’s also about ancient techniques that still applies today and which we have to be careful not to lose. It’s really all about people, and communities, and culture, and space, and time. So I’m probably gonna talk about travels here as well.

Living in Britain, I became more and more aware that the food we eat is basically defining what we are and our health condition. So two years ago, I started to buy organic food. I realised that I prefered paying a little bit more and maybe eating a little bit less in quantity or anyway, spending more time cooking, than eating food that wasn’t good neither for me nor for the planet.

And well, I took the next step six months ago : I became vegetarian. So I’m basically still trying to make my way around this whole « veggie thing », which isn’t easy everyday. I’m under the impression that I have to forget all I thought I knew about food, and learn it all again, from the start.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading !

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